Young Men's Respectful Relationships Speaker.

Helping navigate intimate relationships, consent and self-respect.


Max draws in his audience with years of knowledge on the issues young men face with romance, allowing him to easily relate on a range of difficult topics.

He has compiled a multitude of young women’s experiences; understanding the good and bad, bringing to light common issues young men often struggle to navigate.


Max knows the circumstances young men face when dealing with complex issues like romantic rejection, intimate images and consent.

He helps young men understand what a romantic interest really means when she is “busy”, why some young men send girls naked pictures and what to do if a young woman is uncertain about intimacy. 


Max guides young men on what, and what not, to do in difficult romantic situations, helping to prevent behaviours spiralling from awkwardness to abuse.

He engages young men on subjects they don’t often discuss among themselves, let alone talk about with parents or authority figures.

Max's presentations can reinforce an organisation's existing consent and respectful relationships strategies by delivering information tailored to young men.

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"Really relatable. My boys need to hear this!!!"
Alicia, mother of 16 and 17 year-old boys.
“More interesting and
engaging than the boring
or too ‘touchy-feely’
ones we get exposed to
all the time.”
Dan, 16.
"No-holds-barred discussion, that all needs to be said. I wanted to cheer at a lot of the stuff."
Fiona, mother of 17 year old boy.